Dmitry Volkov studied business in the United States, has lived in Europe (Italy) for a long time, and holds citizenship in the European Union. All of this enables him to blend American entrepreneurship with European culture in his firm.

In addition to being a partner in several international funds, including Blockchain Capital, Khosla Ventures, Mangrove Capital Partners, DN Capital, 500 Startups, Dream Machine, Target Global, and Oaktree, Dmitry is an expert and organizer of international agreements on the sale of IT firms.

Business projects

Since 1998, Dmitry Volkov has launched many IT businesses. His first business, IT-Online, specialized in the development and marketing of online initiatives. A sister firm called UsabityLab was established in 2002 to enhance user interface design. Another associate business, the PayOnline payment service, was founded in 2008, six years later. Later, Dmitry Volkov sold this concept for $8.5 million to the American business Net Element.

Dmitry Volkov and his business partners established Social Discovery Group in 2014, a company that invests in cutting-edge technical initiatives and creates its own solutions for online interaction. Bitfury, a multifaceted blockchain business, and, a social network for scientists, are included in its investment portfolio. The Dating Group is owned by the firm. In 2021, Social Discovery Group increased the scope of its offerings by purchasing Cupid Media, an Australian international dating service, and Dil Mil, a rapidly expanding matchmaking app for South Asian expats.

Art Projects

“Superconduction: the challenge of art & technology,” an exhibition of modern technical art, was created by Dmitry Volkov in Riga in 2015 to celebrate the inauguration of the business’s new office and co-working space in the city’s center. Dmitry Volkov established the SDV Arts & Science Foundation in 2016. The foundation is working on initiatives in the areas of analytical philosophy and contemporary art.

Dmitry Volkov is the coordinator of several exhibits and art events in the area of technology and the arts. He coordinated celebrity art performances at the Burning Man event in Nevada, USA. According to The Huffington Post, one of them was named as one of the festival’s best performers in 2017.

In May 2019, Dmitry Volkov and media artists exhibited the multimedia piece Faced2Faced as a part of the 58th Venice Biennale’s special program.

Scientific activities

The author of two books in the area of analytical philosophy, Dmitry Volkov holds a PhD (as of 2017) and has been a member of the American Philosophical Association since 2014.

Volkov analyzes Daniel Dennett’s ideas in his monograph, “The Boston Zombie. D. Dennett and His Theory of Consciousness,” and offers refutations. In his work “Free Will. Illusion or Possibility,” Dmitri argues in favor of the idea that accountability and liberation are consistent with current scientific theories of the nature of reality. Dmitri Volkov also addresses philosophical issues pertaining to free choice and the boundaries of awareness in other academic publications.

After successfully defending his thesis, Dmitri Volkov earned his PhD in 2017. His dissertation was titled “The Problem of Free Will and Moral Responsibility in Analytic Philosophy in the Late 20th and Early 21st Centuries.”

Dmitry Volkov took part in a discussion on awareness with the Dalai Lama XIV in 2017–2018 with a group of academics. Two conferences on this subject took place in India’s Dharamsala and Delhi in August 2017 and May 2018, respectively.

Additionally, Dmitry Volkov completed a venture capital course at Berkeley and holds many Harvard Business School certifications.


For many years, Dmitry Volkov has been leading a nomadic existence. He travels between Dubai, Italy, Malta, and Latvia for a living. Dmitry is a citizen of Malta.

Speaking about interests, Dmitry Volkov enjoys boxing, jazz music, and helicopter driving.

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