Marketing isn’t the single academic doctrine it once was. While many companies may propagate the view that a token marketing effort is enough to conduct a successful business, the reality is that what was once a sole department is now a sector in its own right. Whether it’s digital marketing, TV shopping, or traditional advertising campaigns, different pools of knowledge are required to succeed across the board.

Moreover, individuals who succeed in marketing are increasingly those who understand real people, their needs and desires, and the opportunities presented by different mediums. The world is entering an era where popular opinion rules all, and the few who can capture the cultural zeitgeist are destined to succeed when it comes to growing businesses. For Adam Multz, CEO of digital marketing agency @cratosam, each aspect of modern marketing is at his disposal, both through his bespoke team and personal experience.

Multz’s marketing journey began before his 20s when he developed notable skills in SEO and marketing. When it came time to leave New York and head to Florida, the young entrepreneur was confident in his ability to build a company of his own from the ground up. He was justified in his confidence – today, Multz turns his head to growing the prospering CratosAM agency and expanding his crypto and NFT portfolio. 

While Multz’s priority always lies with achieving the best client outcomes, the leader’s company focuses on driving traffic straight to its customers’ platforms. Using the team’s breadth of knowledge in marketing and advertising, CratosAM delivers content creation, SEO, influencer management, and beyond. The diversity of its methodology is a turning factor in the company’s current status as a trailblazer in the industry.

A swathe of CratosAM’s success can be put down to the approach and experience of its CEO. By utilizing a people-focused strategy, Adam Multz has created a solution that benefits clients and resonates with audiences. The future looks bright for Multz’s upcoming ventures in the world of crypto.