Horrific events surrounding the US military withdrawal from Afghanistan are heartbreaking. Witnessing the unimaginable suffering experienced by the great Afghani people has motivated us to help in any way we can. While much of the current activity in the area has related to assisting people in fleeing the country, we believe there is a significant benefit that can be provided to the millions of those who will remain. Our mission is to provide funding for the construction of fresh water wells within the many small villages located throughout the country that do not enjoy this basic necessity of everyday life. Those of us who live in the more developed nations take fresh running water for granted, however, as hard as it may be to believe, many of the smaller villages in Afghanistan simply do not have ready access to fresh water for normal, everyday drinking and sanitary purposes.

Since 2017, Farzana’s family has provided funding for more than thirty-five of these fresh water wells in the area surrounding her birth city of Herat, so that families living there may be able to carry out these basic activities more easily. While each of these wells has provided water to hundreds of families, there is a great necessity for many more of them. Those that do not have a well in their village must travel great distances by foot and physically carry back very heavy containers of water. An undertaking of this nature can cover distances of several miles and take many hours during the day that could otherwise be used for more productive endeavors. The attached video was taken in one of these villages and shows small children struggling to help their parents complete one of these long and arduous journeys.

Farzana feels particularly impassioned about this project since her own life experiences are closely paralleled to the current circumstance that exist in Afghanistan, her home country. After the Russian invasion of Afghanistan in 1979, she was subjected to a terrifying environment of war for a two-year period, where members of her direct family were literally murdered by the invading forces. Her family was forced to flee the country or face certain death. As an advocate of female rights, she is offended by the mistreatment of woman by the current regime and is determined to foster an environment of greater justice in the area. Additionally, as a mother of three, she understands the difficulties and worry over children that a parent experiences under normal conditions, notwithstanding an untenable environment that may exist without basic necessities such as water.

Therefore, as indicated, the goal of our Foundation is to provide funding for the construction of more of these fresh water wells. The resulting benefit that will be provided to the families in this region cannot be underestimated. We hope you will consider a donation to help these unfortunate people receive a fundamental component of daily life that the rest of us simply take for granted – fresh water.

Farzana Background:

Farzana is a passionate and accomplished veteran of the Healthcare Service Industry who, for the first fifteen years of her career, worked as a senior registered nurse at some of the most prestigious hospitals in Hamburg, Germany, where she is from originally. Her initial experiences with complex surgery, focusing on managing the internal wellness of an individual, provided an invaluable foundation for her to then focus on the external wellness of the individual through attention to Skincare. Since an individual’s skin is literally their largest organ, Farzana’s background as a senior practitioner of medicine had enabled her to provide clients with a highly effective holistic approach to deliver the best results that are possible.

Farzana came to the U.S. from Hamburg in 2011 with the goal of shifting her focus from medicine to Skincare. Since then she completed coursework with distinction at the world renowned Christine Valmy International School as a New York licensed esthetician. Her formal education continued with other related disciplines, including Certification in Phlebotomy from ASA College and recognition as a New York State Certified Phlebotomy Technician (PH1) from MedCA.

As an adjunct to this initial activity, Farzana became impassioned concerning the recent plight of those in her native country of Afghanistan. An entire lifetime of providing care and wellness to people naturally translated to her desire to aid those that have become victims of the circumstances in her native country. She is determined to ensure that these proud people receive the proper treatment and basic necessities that we are all entitled to.


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