Starting her modeling career at the young age of 15 while simultaneously studying, Ariane Maciel believes that education is fundamental in life as learning is essential. At the age of 20, she entered the world of beauty pageants where she won the title of Paraguay Beauty Ambassador and went on to become Miss International Paraguay 2021/22.

In 2022, she had the great opportunity and honor to represent her country in Europe at the renowned Miss Continental Europe Paraguay pageant where she made it to the top 10 participants. Currently, Ariane is exploring her entrepreneurial side, dedicating herself full-time to promoting her own bikini brand, which she named Miss Bonita Swim. She also owns a nail salon called Gabriela Nails.

Although she no longer devotes as much time to modeling, she still does photoshoots for some brands as a hobby.

She considers that her reign as a beauty queen has ended in the best way possible, and now she has decided to dedicate herself to her entrepreneurial phase. Some of her greatest achievements in modeling include Miss International Paraguay 2021/22, Miss Continental Europe Paraguay 2022, and Paraguay Beauty Ambassador 2019.

On Instagram, you can find @arianemaciel__, where she shares a lot of content about her lifestyle as well as her business ventures.

Ariane Maciel’s website:

Provides more information about her companies and the products they offer, as well as her modeling career and achievements. Ariane journey from being a beauty queen to an entrepreneur is an inspiring story for many aspiring models and entrepreneurs out there, proving that with hard work and determination, anything is possible.

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