Working from home or a remote location is becoming more common for many employees. Remote work enables you to work from anywhere, anytime with very little disruption to your commuting schedule. You can easily manage your organization’s workflow from anywhere with the ability to have access to all of your team’s communication tools 24/7. The remote work culture is also refreshingly honest about the fact that you won’t know when an employee will be available until they’re already there and ready to go. This makes it easier to find people who are qualified, not just someone who is available at the moment. If you’re looking for ways to improve your onboarding of new remote employees, then continue reading this article!

Send Welcome Gifts

Most companies provide their remote employees with an on-site welcome gift or gift when they start work. This can be a gift from the company or a thoughtful gift from the employee’s manager. Here are a few ways to make your remote employee feel welcome and appreciated. Offer your remote employees a complimentary gift upon their hire. This can be a subscription to an industry-specific magazine, an Amazon gift card, a subscription to a professional journal, or a gift card to an employee-owned business. Offer to take some time out of your day to meet with your remote employees and get to know them better. Meetings can be scheduled whenever your remote employees feel comfortable. Offer to send them mail or offer to deliver it for them. Remote employees love receiving things from their managers and will appreciate the gesture greatly.

Invest in the Right Technology

One of the best ways to make your remote employees feel included is to invest in the right technology. This could be a new computer or a printer that your team uses. It could be a high-speed internet connection, a virtual office, or even a phone line that your team uses to communicate. Whatever your company’s technology needs are, ensure that it’s included in your remote employee onboarding kit. Most of all having a professional meeting software like Zoom is essential so that you can have meetings with your team anytime you want.

Share Essential Documents and Information

As your remote employees become more experienced, they’ll start to recognize your organization’s unique culture and habits. They’ll also notice that certain documents and information are essential to the operation of your business. These might be the company policies that govern your remote operation or the documents that govern your company’s relationship with third-party vendors. Always make sure to keep your employees up to date on the latest laws, policies, and regulations that apply to your business. This will help your employees stay compliant with the law and make their position easier if a request comes in from Law Enforcement.

Schedule Ongoing Check-Ins

One of the best ways to make your remote employees feel included and accepted is to schedule regular check-ins. You can set up a weekly meeting with your remote employees or have them participate in your weekly remote meeting. Make it a habit to thank your remote employees for their work and ask them how they are getting on. This will make your remote employees feel valued and appreciated while showing them that they are not just a number.

Pair New Employees with Mentors

Always make sure to pair new hires with mentors from their new position to help them get oriented and ready to work. This will make the transition to remote easier and will help your new employees feel included.

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