With the intention of promoting the energy transition, the invitation is for startups and scaleups around the world to apply to the first “Atlas Open Innovation Challenge: Solar Power to the Fullest” contest. With that, the aim is to identify innovative technologies worldwide that offer solutions to different challenges within the solar energy industry. The winners will receive US$ 20,000 for the implementation of a pilot program at Atlas’ solar power plants.

Endeavor, together with Atlas Renewable Energy, a firm with a recognized track record in the implementation of renewable energy projects throughout the Americas, joined forces in an open innovation challenge to identify the best startups and scaleups round the globe that offer solutions to different solar energy challenges.

Broadly speaking, the call to be part of the global competition “Atlas Open Innovation Challenge 2023” can be summarized in four main categories: Better: Environmental impacts and PV System resiliency; (2) Faster: IoT, data science and AI; (3) Stronger: New business model and opportunities for large scale solar plants and (4) Integrated: Outside the box solutions. Entrepreneurs capable of bringing solutions to these categories will be eligible to apply during the duration of the call that will close on My 7th. Scaling potential in the countries and locations in which the energy company has installed solar projects that are either operational or under construction will also be considered.

Endeavor, a global non-profit organization present in various markets on four continents, which seeks to boost sustainable economic growth, will take on a mentoring role in the search, selection, and support of the best entrepreneurs capable of generating the greatest multiplier effect within their ecosystems

“This year we’re celebrating 25 years as a global network and, as we have been doing since the beginning, our goal is to continue supporting talents that lead the most disruptive startups and scaleups in the 40 countries we operate in internationally. Therefore, projects like these are very valuable not only because they are in tune with citizens’ needs and demands, but because they promote ideas that have the purpose of generating a positive impact as well as shared value for communities and markets globally,” said José Manuel Correa, Executive Director of Endeavor.

At the end of the process, a winner will be selected in each category, and will be awarded US$ 20,000 to complete a pilot project at the energy company’s plants. “The duration is estimated to be between one to six months, in at least one of our photovoltaic plants in the Americas, in which case we will consider the results to be representative for the future decision to incorporate the technology and its impact in case of technological integration,” explained Rodolpho Guedino, Innovation Leader at Atlas Renewable Energy.

Regarding the program’s selection process, a jury composed of representatives of both Atlas and Endeavor shall be formed to evaluate the proposals. The startups and scaleups selected will participate in the Demo Day, while the winners will be selected based on their contribution in terms of innovation, quality, relevance, as well as factual, technical, and economic feasibility. The jury will meet in separate committees to streamline the project’s reviewal process, before finally prioritizing the evaluation and selection of proposals with the highest degree of originality, technological innovation, and economic impact.

Stages and selection process

  1. Call for proposals and reception of projects: From March 07 th to May 07 th 2
  2. Selection of participants: June
  3. Appointment of 10 finalists: June
  4. Mentoring and workshops: June and July
  5. Demo Day: August

For more information or doubts about the call, please write to the following e-mail: infoatlasinnovationchallenge.com or visit http://www.atlasinnovationchallenge.com/

About Endeavor

Endeavor is the leading global community of, by and for high-impact entrepreneurs, those who dream big, scale faster and pay it forward. Driven by the belief that high-impact entrepreneurs transform economies, it is on a mission to build thriving entrepreneurial ecosystems in emerging and underserved markets around the world.

The organization, present in more than 40 markets and based in New York City, offers entrepreneurs in its network services that help them develop businesses, create jobs, transform economies, and support future generations of entrepreneurs. Our mentors, leaders in their respective fields, bring their valuable experience to support the path of entrepreneurs.

PR contacts for Endeavor:

Francisca Escobar
+56 9 8137 2122

Alison Delplace
+56 9 7652 7232

About Atlas Renewable Energy

Atlas Renewable Energy is an international renewable energy generation company that develops, finances, builds and operates renewable energy projects in the Americas since early 2017. Atlas Renewable Energy is comprised of an experienced team with in-depth knowledge of the global energy and renewable energy market, and with the most extensive track record in the renewable energy industry in Latin America.

The company’s strategy is focused on helping large corporations make the energy transition to 100% clean energy. Atlas Renewable Energy is widely recognized for its high standards in the development, construction, and operation of large-scale projects; as well as a deep and long trajectory in ESG and sustainable development.

For more information, visit: www.AtlasRenewableEnergy.com

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