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Just a few decades ago we were not dependent on technology and somehow survived till today when we now totally rely on it; whether it is work or workout, healthcare or entertainment, shopping or education, we almost totally lean on technology. Apps and websites have become the principal way we interact with the world and get access to products and services. This is especially true of the younger generations; online shopping has become part and parcel of Millennials’ and GenZ’s— the two tech savvy demographics —lives. The pandemic-induced lockdowns and social restrictions have further increased the share of online commerce. Of all industries, the beauty industry has been hit particularly hard as beauty parlors and salons were shut down due to COVID.  

Some closed down shop, some weathered the bad times, others saw an opportunity. Among the latter is BBare, a UK-based 100% cruelty-free, vegan, and organic beauty brand. Founded in March 2020 by Chantalle Thompson, just when COVID restrictions started to kick in, BBare’s business model is built around offering  salon-quality products and treatment without actually visiting a salon, from the comfort of people’s homes. The second motivation driving Chantalle’s business was rooted in her growing frustration and concern with the overabundance of chemicals in many popular beauty products. She wanted to make a change and started her all-natural cosmetics and skincare lines with a minimum share of chemicals. As a result, BBare is now part of the burgeoning clean beauty market that is expected to grow at a 12.7% annual rate and reach $11.5 billion by 2027. Driving this spectacular growth is the growing health awareness and caution on the part of consumers. 

Among a broad array of clean beauty products is BBare’s bestselling  Brow Lamination Kit , probably the safest product for at-home use to make brows look thick and lush with the bare minimum of chemicals in it in contrast with salon-grade formulas. Also, the Kit comes at a much lower price than its salon counterparts. The next product in the Brow line with the same effect that lasts throughout the day and can be washed away at the end of the day is The Brow Bae Kit. The kit will kip the flocks in place all day without stiffening or flaking. As a final touch to making ones brows look groomed and soft after lamination is Brow Balm; the balm makes brows fluffier, hydrates them, and stimulates growth.  

A line of beauty products would not be complete without perfumery, and BBAre is no exception; its line of perfumes relies solely on organic essential oils, without any chemical additives, and is inspired by existing popular scents yet comes at a lower price point and in smaller travel-ready pods. 

To find out more about or shop for BBare products, wisit their Instagram page or the online shop here.  

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