Darby Jones

One of the fastest growing industries throughout the globe is the cannabis industry. As marijuana becomes legalized in more states across America — 11 last year alone, to be exact — sales are skyrocketing, and it is becoming more widely accepted by those who may not have participated in the past. The cannabis market showed major growth of 50.92 percent in 2020, per research from Fortune Business Insights, and it is expected to grow from 28.266 billion U.S. dollars in 2021 to 197.74 billion U.S. dollars in 2028. 

With all of the growth that is happening in the market, brands are competing for customer allegiance and money from investors. Brands are also winning over loyal consumers that are newly interested in cannabis products — so, the companies that are innovative and strategic enough in their approach are the ones leading the movement. One of these brands is Grasscity.

As the world’s oldest digital headshop, Grasscity has positioned itself as an iconic staple in the cannabis industry. The company is based out of Amsterdam, a city that has long been a pioneer when it comes to cannabis entrepreneurial endeavors. Amsterdam represents the cannabis capital of Europe, and the country’s lax, liberal approach to the subject has attracted tourists for decades. Grasscity took this approach to the masses, as it also operates one of the largest online cannabis forums. On the Grasscity forum, users share information and support one another — this platform has been a space for people to connect when they may not have had a chance to otherwise. 

Grasscity has been disrupting the industry for more than 20 years, even before consumption was more accepted. The brand offers the most robust range of accessories on the market, such as bongs, vapes, dab pens, hookahs, CBD, silicone bongs, dab rings and much more. Grasscity was created in 2000, and customers have been able to simply and discreetly order their favorite cannabis-related products ever since. 

With many years of experience in the market, Grasscity has developed strong relationships with some of the world’s best suppliers, so they are able to offer a wide variety of products at very reasonable prices. Grasscity offers products from top European brands such as Black Leaf, Roor, Ehle and Blaze Glass, and the company also has products from American brands like Grav Labs, Cheech & Chong, Snodgrass and Medicali. There is also a selection of top-quality, wallet-friendly products from brands like Evolution, Vodka Glass and Famous Brandz.

Grasscity has warehouses in Amsterdam, Las Vegas and Calgary, so the company is prepared to swiftly ship products to enthusiasts all over the world. As Grasscity continues to expand and revolutionize the market, keep an eye on their forum, or check out the site to shop some of the world’s most innovative cannabis products.

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