Marco Cassella is a 32 year-old Italian hair stylist who has made a name for himself in the beauty industry, both in Italy and abroad. Born on August 2, 1990, in a small Italian village, Marco’s passion for hairstyling started at a young age, and he worked hard to turn his dream into a reality.

At the age of 12, Marco decided that he wanted to learn to be a hairdresser. Despite his parents’ initial opposition, Marco convinced them to let him pursue his passion. After finishing school, Marco devoted himself fully to the world of hairdressing, taking refresher courses in luxury academies to improve his skills and open his own beauty salon at the age of 19.

In 2014, Marco participated in a highly-coveted competition launched by L’Oreal in the hairstyle sector, competing against 6 million participants from all over Italy. Marco passed all the tests and challenges, winning the title of best L’Oreal stylist in Italy, one of his many career achievements.

Marco’s career continued to flourish, and he worked in the world of fashion and Italian TV, becoming a beauty influencer on Instagram and supporting celebrities as a stylist in Miami for two years. In 2021, he participated in two reality shows, further increasing his notoriety.

Aside from his career, Marco is also passionate about traveling and getting to know new cultures. His dream is to open an Italian salon in Madrid, Spain, and bring the Made in Italy brand to the Spanish world.

In his personal life, very little is known about Marco’s relationships, as he prefers to keep his private life separate from his career. However, he is known to be a sunny, determined, and big-hearted person who is always ready to help his family and friends.

Follow Marco’s journey on his Instagram profile @cassellamarco, where he shares his beauty tips and updates on his career and travels.

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