It’s always interesting to know more details about those personalities that on certain moments are a trend in the world.

Different characteristics, parameters, situations, or the particular environment where they perform lead to this situation.

As a general rule, these characters belong to the world of show business and entertainment, a universe that, at an unexpected moment, makes some artists, completely unknown until that moment, reach the peak of popularity.

However, in other spheres of life, it is possible to give relevance to the trajectory of other types of human beings, with completely different characteristics.

In many cases, we see behind these stories, incredible years of sacrifice, effort, and determination to achieve the proposed objectives and goals. They tend to have leadership qualities and high motivation to achieve in common.

When we refer to Mohamed Najib, we find ourselves in front of an excellent example of a human being, with those characteristics that make him stand out above the rest of his peers. Let’s know a little about his history and trajectory.

Mohamed Najib or MoBigLove

This well-known, admired and respected businessman is Nowadays the most beloved businessman in the city of Miami.

Najib, an electronic engineer, is the owner of BasmaTech LLC., which is frequently used by several celebrities of the city and the local public.

This businessman from the city of Casablanca in Morocco, from a very young age developed a passion for helping others. This has been a constant throughout his life. A little over a decade ago, the businessman, now an electronics professional, moved to the city of Miami, from where he opened his establishment called 1 Phone Repair & Electronics.

Najib’s overwhelming and charismatic personality, together with the excellent attention he offers to his clients and those close to him, quickly earned him an excellent reputation in his area.

This reputation earned thanks to his personality and magnificent service has led him to become a reference in the search for electronics stores. Not only in Miami, his fame transcends the city.

However, few know that his beginnings were very humble, and little by little he was climbing positions until he achieved the success that he currently has.

What does MoBigLove offer at its establishment?

Here you can find any electronic device. Think about any device and MoBigLove has it. From the latest version of the latest iPhone, MacBook. iPad or any other, in this place you will find it.

If you are worried that the equipment you want is a limited edition and you will have difficulty finding it in the market, you just have to visit them and they will solve the problem for you right away.

On the other hand, they offer an unbeatable service and whoever has experienced an emergency of this type finds it a real plus.

If your electronic device breaks, the first thought that comes to mind is all the vital information that we store on our mobile phones, tablets, or laptops on a daily basis. His excellent results as a repairer of various electronic devices have made him the most reliable service in the entire Miami area.

The best guarantee and support of this statement is, without a doubt, the proven track record of success that it has.

From data loss, cracked or chipped screen repair, water damage, or any other emergency that arises. Everyone comes to this workshop when the repair of mobile is presented to them.

We have mentioned mobile screen repairs, data loss, and other associated problems, but, on the other hand, they also usually offer their services for tablet and PC repair.

They have the potential to fully manage a variety of problems and, most importantly, prevent them from happening again.

They are also responsible for restoring old mobiles, which they then sell in their stores, with unbeatable offers. However, the most outstanding thing in all these types of services is to highlight that they are an honest and reliable company, with the support of the creator MoBigLove.

In summary, it is lovely to know these stories, which reflect how the personality and behavior of some human beings manage to distinguish themselves above their peers. They are the true example of self-improvement and passion for their work.

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