Hayes Thomas, the CEO of HCT Finance, has developed a company that focuses heavily on lifestyle and concierge services for the convenience of its clients looking to streamline daily tasks, such as choosing a ride, accessing bank cards, and monitoring spending. The company aims to help manage these lifestyle logistical complications for clients to eliminate stress and make daily tasks more accessible and manageable.

The Start of Something Great

Before starting the innovative company, Hayes Thomas had a successful football career. “While I had a great football career, it came to an abrupt end because I sustained an injury and was also dealing with contractual complications. I fell out of love with the game and decided to let my entrepreneurial side shine through,” he shared. He’d eventually started a full-service concierge business using the contacts he made throughout his career. “The brand is growing at such a rapid pace. We’re currently providing service to hundreds of high-profile clients, helping them manage their lifestyles with ease.”

A Stress-Free Solution for Lifestyle Management

Developing a stress-free solution for lifestyle management became a top priority for Hayes Thomas, who spent 18 months promoting nightclubs while connecting with high-profile professionals who would eventually use the services provided by HCT. “Our clients typically have busy schedules and are looking for more convenience in their lives, which is where we come into play. Instead of calling around for hotel prices or checking different apps to get flight prices, we’ve made it possible for our clients to access everything they need in one spot,” says Thomas Hayes. “We’ve recently added banking to our suite of services provided, making it easy for clients to check their accounts and track spending as often as they’d like. There is currently no other company like ours in existence that provides the level of convenience we offer to our clients.”

Thomas Hayes spent a lot of time around colleagues and peers during his football career while noticing that they wanted to go to the best nightclubs and have the best experiences possible but didn’t have the time or energy to look for information on these places. So knowing the demand for this information was there, he decided to create a company out of necessity for something that high-profile clients can benefit from the most.

The company currently resolves everyday logistical problems that people with hectic schedules often experience, with plans to add more to the services provided to continue offering as much convenience as possible. Clients can benefit from easy access to valuable information while having everything available in one spot instead of using multiple apps on their phones. In addition, Thomas Hayes works feverishly to negotiate discounts that he passes on to his clients to help them save money while getting the best deals.

Although COVID has negatively impacted the concierge space in many ways, the company continues to thrive because Hayes Thomas has addressed these challenges and adapted to them. The company has included food delivery, private parties, and other more intimate options on the list of services available to clients who want to enjoy good food and have a good time while staying safe throughout the pandemic.

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