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In an increasingly connected world, it seems easier than ever for brands to lose their voice – drowned out by the cacophony of the internet. This is especially a problem for brands that overly rely on popular trends to build their identity. With social media becoming more difficult to navigate than ever, brands desperately need help. How can a company learn to stand out? It appears there is a solid solution courtesy of Travis Brady, founder and CEO of Next Gen Agency

Brady has cracked an eight-week step-by-step process from what takes most people 8 years to accomplish and now has it down to a science. Through five phases of business, Next Gen helps scale clients’ “IIT Life,” meaning their influence, income, and time freedom. The first stage in this foundational process Brady calls Leadership & Coaching Development. This means Next Gen works to develop leadership at the company and ensure top-down branding is consistent. Then, Next Gen works on team culture and overall company branding. Having a healthy team culture is vital to ensuring every employee across the board knows how to best represent the company. Once the company is internally set, they are ready for Brady’s third step, working on lead generation and social media marketing to help grow the business. Then comes service delivery and automation, working with the brand to build on the data from step three. Lastly, Brady utilizes the lessons learned in steps one through four to scale the business and generate additional sales. 

Travis’s description of his company’s underlying beliefs underlines the five-step program’s specific objectives, “We challenge the status quo, really getting people out there in a unique and innovative way. It is not about just branding clients, it’s about bringing the uniqueness out of that person – making them Next Gen…Our agency is called ‘Next Gen’ because we believe everyone is unique, different, creative, and has something the world needs. “

Brady and Next Gen Agency offer plans for any sized business, from a startup to those scaling to seven figures. With so many false claims online, it can be hard to know who to trust. Thankfully, Next Gen Agency has a team of professionals for each area of business, guaranteeing useful expertise. Brady has over 17 years of experience coaching and training. Along with his wife, Minky Brady, he has been on every major television station and has coached famous athletes and CEOs at many large companies. Brady has deep expertise in the world of sports as he was a coach for the football program at the University of Utah. 

To see what Next Gen Agency can offer you or to simply learn more, you can visit their website here.

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