Social Payme, the fintech platform-as-a-service that empowers social media influencers, is thrilled to welcome Gurtegh Singh as its new CEO. Gurtegh brings a wealth of experience and expertise in law, operations, and strategy, having helped City Furniture grow its revenue from $250 million to $1 billion in just four years. He also holds a JD from Emory University and an MBA from the University of Miami Herbert Business School, as well as a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt certification and a track record of closing over $200 million worth of M&A deals.

As the new CEO, Gurtegh will lead Social Payme’s vision of “democratizing the economics of social media” by providing influencers with a revolutionary mobile software that helps them manage, market, monetize, and measure their social media content in a compliant and transparent way. He will also leverage his deep knowledge of the regulatory frameworks governing social media marketing, such as the FCC, FTC, SEC, and international laws, to establish Social Payme as the industry leader in influencer certification, compliance, and verification.

“I am honored and excited to join Social Payme as its CEO,” Gurtegh says. “This is a unique opportunity to transform the social media landscape for influencers and help them unlock their full potential. Through our innovative platform, we will enable influencers to create engaging and authentic content that complies with the ever-changing regulations in over 47 countries (such as ‘Payola’).”

Harold Krent, the former Dean of Chicago Kent College of Law and the current Chairman of Social Payme Technologies Inc., praises Gurtegh’s appointment: “Gurtegh is the perfect fit for Social Payme. He has the skills, experience, and vision to take our company to the next level. His legal acumen and business leadership will be instrumental in driving our growth in this booming $20 billion market.”

Social Payme Technologies Inc. is a fintech platform-as-a-service that aims to revolutionize the social media landscape for influencers by offering them a suite of cutting-edge tools to help them manage, market, monetize, and measure their social media impact. Founded in 2022 and headquartered in Miami, Florida, Social Payme has a bold mission: democratizing social media economics and ownership for all users – influencers, brands, and followers alike. The company’s forward-looking approach aligns with the dynamic social media influencer landscape, with plans to target the projected $84 billion influencer market by 2028.

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