Raised and living most of her adult life in New York City, Rachel Uchitel has found her true calling and home right here in Florida, now residing in the Palm Beach region.

As a popular fashion entrepreneur, media personality and children’s author, Uchitel has been through a lot growing up before moving out this way. She lost her father to drugs when she was younger, which forced her into boarding school, and then she lost her husband-to-be in the World Trade Center 9/11 attacks. After that, she was a part of a global scandal involving golfer Tiger Woods, which had media outlets write headlines about her that just weren’t true. Now, as she raises her young daughter on her own, she is finding ways to use her past experiences to help other women and celebrities/people who may be going through similar things bring their truths forward.

In order to do this, Uchitel is shining bright and recently launched her own successful podcast which she films right here in FL called, “Miss Understood with Rachel Uchitel”, an interview style show that delves into the lives of others like her who have been reduced to a single headline; The show since its launch has his #3 on the charts and is within the top 100 in over 11 countries thus far.

From life growing up and her favorite Miami places, to her podcast, to how she is helping to give back through charity efforts here in Florida, we spoke to Uchitel in an exclusive one-on-one conversation about it all.

  1. What first brought you to Miami and how is living here with your daughter and rescue dogs?

    I have been coming to South Florida since I was a child as I have family that lives in Palm beach. I started coming to Miami when I worked in the nightclub business as we did a winter music festival as the Tao Group. And in the last few years I had a place in Miami that I was commuting to almost every other weekend right after Covid. In the last year, I decided it was important for me to make the permanent move down to the south Florida area just because it was so apparent that the lifestyle was so much more desirable, and it didn’t feel like such a hassle to deal with everything from the weather and the turmoil, especially in New York City. I am just 100 percent happier here.
  2. You are an entrepreneur and now a podcast host with a hit program. What interested you at first to get into the podcasting space with your own show?

    I have done my fair share of television, interviews and podcast interviews where people spent a lot of time dwelling on my past, and I felt like I was always getting told how good I was in the interviews and how I should have my own platform. It took me a while to figure out what that specific platform would be to make me stand out and once I did, it was super easy from then on. Also, I realize that people may think they know my name from a certain scenario. However, it’s important to let people know who I am as a well-rounded person because I’m much more interesting than that and I think my platform has really given me a chance to show off who I really am.

    3 . Who have been some of your favorite guests to have on so far?

    It’s so hard to pick a favorite guest because I hand choose every single person that comes on my show because I find their story interesting. Some of the people that stand out would be Dita Von Teese, Teal Swan, Rudy Guiliani, Ricky Williams and Melissa Rivers.

4. How have you felt the podcasting space, and working in general, has been here in Florida compared to other areas you have lived like New York?

I absolutely love hosting my podcast from Florida. First off it’s much easier to get people to want to fly in to meet me in person because the weather here is so amazing and everyone’s always dying to have a vacation in Florida. I’ve also found a very great studio here that I absolutely love and I was able to build a studio in my home so everything feels very close and high-tech and easy to get to.

5. Where do you see the podcasting / broadcasting industry heading towards trend wise in the next few years?

Streaming is obviously a very big part of broadcasting these days, and I think that every day news may become a thing of the past because people are so interested in picking what they want to hear and when they wanna hear it.

6. You are also big on giving back and working with various rescue organizations. Tell us more about the ones here in town you help with?

I really have a soft spot for animals. I have three dogs of my own and my daughter and I spent a lot of time trying to volunteer at rescues or even in the community helping get animals placed. Peggy Adams in West Palm Beach is a great facility. And Big Dog Ranch is very impressive.

7. When not working, where in town do you like to go and hang/eat at?

I absolutely love going to the gym at the One Hotel. They have some classes there that will kick anyone’s butt. I also will make a point to take a long walk down the boardwalk to take in the fresh air. My favorite restaurant is Milos.

8. For anyone thinking of coming to Miami or making the move to Florida overall, what should they know?

Miami offers a mixture of cultures and vibes and you are in for a treat! You will find the gorgeous beaches and people a treat! The options for activities or dining experiences are endless. And it’s always beautiful weather, even when it rains!

9. And finally, what’s next for Rachel Uchitel? We heard whispers of a memoir?!

I have been working on a memoir for a long time. Sometimes I write a lot and sometimes I need to step away to get a press perspective when I return. It’s more cathartic than anything for me. When I am ready, I will present it to the world.

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