We’re in a battle for power in this election cycle: not Democrat vs. Republican, but establishment GOP vs. Grassroots conservative. In Legislative District 42, Gov. Pete Ricketts had the duty to fill the vacancy; he chose Mike Jacobson, who wasn’t running. But then he asked Jacobson to run for the seat for the May primary. This isn’t an attack on Mr. Jacobson’s character, but an example of the establishment inserting influence into our legislative race. Chris Bruns has been campaigning throughout the district for this position since July.
Ricketts, who has done some good work for the state, has the power to heavily invest into his favored campaigns, and like all politicians, he doesn’t like to lose.

Now Ricketts-backed Jim Pillen is attempting to catch rival Charles Herbster through an accusation by Julie Slama, who was handpicked by Ricketts for the Legislature. In the same April 15 edition of the Telegraph where this news broke, was an article about dark money groups funding attack ads. Slama’s husband is the treasurer of such a group. This Kavanaugh-style attack will fall apart, but it does cause damage.

For myself, I am tired of the establishment using their massive power to attempt to influence my vote. I will vote according to what I have seen with my own eyes, which has convinced me to support both Bruns and Herbster as independent outsider candidates who will best represent my views and are decent, hardworking men of character.

Carol Friesen
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If you are unsure who to vote for as our next governor, let me suggest Brett Lindstrom. I listened to him here this Wednesday.

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Thank you to the Nebraska Farm Bureau for hosting the Legislative District 42 forum.
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