South Florida resident Molly Wilson is the current founder and CEO of Lacsnac, a new at-home food and treat company that was designed to help women who are having issues lactating. The company creates lactation-enhancing foods that are GMO-Free, Vegan, Gluten Free etc., and is now a go-to product for women everywhere.

In this exclusive Q&A we spoke to Molly more about her life here in Florida, how her company is helping with the shortage of nurses and why putting Florida businesses on the map is a real passion for her, even though she is originally from Iowa!

1. How is it running a massive company from here in Florida these days? Where can we find your products here in this region?

I don’t think I can complain about living and working in beautiful South Florida! Living here I know that we really value health and wellness, diversity in all the best ways and we value aesthetic inspiration, right?

The Lacsnac breastfeeding supplement brand is inspired by the beauty all around us here and highlights a commitment to healthy eating.

Moms themselves and those who are supporting nursing parents (like grandma’s, mother-in-laws, partners and friends) can shop Lacsnac products at or on Amazon.

2. How did you come up with your Lacsnac brand/products?

Lacsnac was created following an impactful moment with a nursing {pumping} mom — in an airport restroom of all places! A new mom was sitting on the floor of the restroom pumping breast milk while on a work trip. I got to talking to her and praised her commitment to keeping up with her nursing journey because I was in her shoes once upon a time.

I could sense her struggle. The new mom complained about feeling defeated as her supply was declining since she went back to work — she was frustrated.

We were visiting about supplements and natural foods that help boost breast milk supply – I was shocked when she told me that she could not find any brands of lactation enhancing snack foods that were gluten free or vegan or in anyway healthy at all.

It was an ‘aha’ moment for me.

10 years ago I created molly&you® (  a gourmet food brand found in thousands of US stores. I know a thing or two about creating great foods! 

On my flight back to Ft. Lauderdale, I began to research everything I could about lactation cookies, breastmilk supplements and what moms are currently looking for.

I had conversations with healthcare professionals, nutritionists and lactation educators and nurses and I decided to jump right in and help solve this problem for moms! Lacsnac was born – really to solve a problem for moms.

3. The Florida Hospital Association recently announced that Florida could have a shortage of more than 60 thousand nurses within the next 15 years, and that the entire state is currently undergoing a formula shortage as they recommend more mothers try breastfeeding. How do you hope your products can help fix this ongoing and immediate issue?

This news is heartbreaking, isn’t it?  In so many ways all things have aligned for the creation of the brand. The market was just waiting for a healthy foods brand to support breastfeeding moms.

Lacsnac products really boost production quickly – most of our customers report an increase in 1-2 days. That makes a real difference to a hungry baby and to a parent who has tried everything! The impact is really immediate – and that’s what moms and their little ones need.

We are finding that we have to capitalize faster than expected – faster than the average new brand in the market – it’s a good problem to have.  Every day we have new retail partners asking us to be on their store shelves. Florida is home and the more retailers we can partner with, the better.

Our give-back mission came together as a direct result of talking with hospitals and nurses – we have decided that our give-back funds will go to hospitals for funding lactation nurses. Lactation nurses are so important and at most hospitals there is just ONE for sometimes as many as 2000 births – these are the nurses who can best teach and support moms on the nursing journey.  Our Starting Strong, Breastfeeding Long nation program works with hospitals to give every new mom and baby a 7-10 day supply of our breastfeeding snacks! Any hospital interested can reach out to us:

We would love to partner with every birthing hospital in Florida to be a part of the solution!

4. Even though you live in Boca, what spots in Miami do you like hanging out at and going to when not working?

Well, I am actually from Iowa – which is about as far away from SoFLo as you can get –  in all the ways!  I love the parts of Miami where you get the real sense of community and there are so many great pockets of family and locally owned restaurants and shops.  I love the arts community in Miami – one of best experiences for me has been working with this INCREDIBLE master food photographer based in Winwood!

5. Why do you love Florida living?

I spent 38 years living in a place with amazing people, but where the skies turn gray and cloudy in November and the sun doesn’t return until April.  Without a doubt I love the blue skies and clean air of Florida – I feel so lucky every day to be in a place where the energy of the environment is so positive!

I have kids in highschool and we love finding small coffee shops and having great food experiences too.  As my kids get ready to head toward college I know that living here has given them exposure to so much that prepares them for the world – including all the international cuisine of South Florida.

6. What’s next for Lacsnac this year in Florida and beyond?

You know, as a Florida business owner I really want to be a strong representative of what is BEST about our state. We can so easily get a bad wrap or get criticized here in Florida and I’m telling a different story for others to hear. 

I’m here doing my part to show the world what incredible businesses are being created in Florida and what kind of significant problems we are solving. Lacsnac is solving a real problem for moms and babies and filling a gap that exists in the marketplace as the healthy lactation food company.  So, what’s next is MORE good for moms and their little ones and MORE good for Florida.

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