While unique ideas and smart financial choices may be important factors for launching a successful business from the ground up, nothing is quite as important to maintaining a business’s long-term prosperity as the leadership team is. As companies scale and their staff rosters grow, savvy leaders become indispensable in making operations move seamlessly, motivating work output, and enabling employees to fulfill their full potential.

In the modern era, leadership within a growing company is just as essential as it’s always been, if not more, as many people are quiet quitting or officially resigning from jobs they are not inspired by. 

Perhaps no one knows the comprehensive nature of being a leader better than multi-billion-dollar development firm Shoma Group President Stephanie Shojaee. Shojaee’s tactful leadership has helped transform the company in many ways since she joined the Shoma Group’s ranks as Chief Marketing Officer almost a decade ago.

With 30 years of history, Shoma Group boasts impressive numbers with more than five billion dollars in real estate transactions across its residential, commercial, and mixed-use properties. Shoma Group has credited much of its success to its modern approach to real estate, capitalizing on emerging technologies and embracing the digitization of the industry. These modern digital-based initiatives would not have been possible without the advocacy and leadership of Stephanie Shojaee. 

Beyond increasing profits for Shoma Group through the savvy implementation of modern marketing strategies, Shojaee’s leadership has pioneered various gender equality projects within Shoma as well. With an all-female-led marketing team and about 50/50 distribution between male and female employees, Shojaee’s leadership is as morally focused as it is innovative. 

In addition to spearheading new strategies and important initiatives, Shojaee is old-school when it comes to her work ethic and leads by example. Shojaee’s dedication to Shoma Group is palpable throughout every facet of her day-to-day work life. While working long days may be grueling for some, they’ve only invigorated Shojaee’s personal drive. The Shoma Group President arrives at the office at 7:00 AM, works twelve hours every day, often takes lunch at her desk, and takes every precious moment to keep pushing the development firm to the next level of success.

With the intention to expand Shoma Group’s presence outside of the United States and across the world alongside her husband, CEO and Chairman of the board of Shoma Group Masoud Shojaee, expect the tangible impact of Stephanie Shojaee’s leadership in real estate development to go global in the years to come.