Miami’s glistening beaches, vibrant nightlife, and celebrity-filled hotspots have always been a major draw, but the city’s culinary scene continues to captivate gastronomes worldwide. El Cielo, with its trailblazing Colombian-inspired offerings, further cements Miami as a world-class culinary destination.

In a city that never sleeps, the recent announcement of El Cielo’s second restaurant opening at the iconic SLS South Beach has turned up the heat. The news, resonating like the rhythm of a Colombian cumbia, has the city—and indeed the culinary world—abuzz with excitement.

Under the culinary genius of Chef Juan Manuel Barrientos Valencia, fondly known as ‘Juanma’, El Cielo has etched an indelible mark on Miami’s gourmet map. The first-ever restaurant in Florida to receive a Michelin Star, El Cielo’s original location in downtown Miami has been a symbol of exceptional dining. The accolade in 2022, followed by its retention in 2023, is testament to its consistent prowess.

Yet, the new El Cielo Miami at SLS South Beach promises to be more than just a replica. “Elcielo at SLS South Beach is going to be something unique,” says Chef Juanma. This iteration will showcase an ‘à la carte’ format—a first for El Cielo—featuring their best dishes, but with an imaginative twist.

From the corn arepa crowned with caviar to the alluring “árbol de la vida”, this new location promises a culinary voyage. Imagine the yucca gnocchi dancing with truffle, kissed by sweet plantain’s honey, or the warm Truffle Buñuelos shimmering with torched Foie Gras. Every dish paints a picture of Colombia, its rich traditions, and its lush landscapes.

SLS South Beach’s Area Vice President, Simon Sorpresi, expressed his enthusiasm about the partnership: “We are delighted to welcome Elcielo as our esteemed partner in delivering an extraordinary dining

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