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The power of branding has become more paramount in the digital age as brand visibility and identity are crucial for getting an authentic message across to a given audience. Brand identity sums up in succinct yet memorable form a company’s essence and value. Simply put, it is a business’s DNA. However, though it may seem easy, far from every company can achieve a cohesive brand identity and message. Most do it haphazardly and often make a mess of things as very few succeed in creating and fostering their brand. Not to get lost on the branding journey, companies will be better off relying on professional solutions and strategies such as those offered by Travis Brady, founder and CEO of Next Gen Agency.

It would seem that brand creation is a long process that often takes years. Brady knows how to leverage modern resources and tools to expedite this process while ensuring quality. In fact, Travis designed an eight-week brand-building process involving 5 phases. Stage one,  Coaching Development, is designed to develop leadership within the company and branding consistency at all levels. Second, Next Gen works on creating a healthy team culture within the client company so that every employee develops brand awareness and knows how to best represent it. Next comes the third stage—lead generation and social media marketing – and then the fourth – service delivery and automation based on stage three data. Once the four stages are completed, the fifth and final phase takes care of scaling the business and additional sales generation. At this point, Brady’s clients have officially become ‘Next Gen.’

Brady elaborates, “Our agency is called ‘Next Gen’ because we believe everyone is unique, different, creative, and has something the world needs.”

Next Gen’s professional team has fifty years of combined experience in brand management and business consulting. Brady and his wife, Minky Brady, have coached CEOs from a number of large corporations, colleges, and sports teams. 

No matter the size of the company, Next Gen has solutions tailored to a startup or companies looking to boost their sales from six to seven-figures. To find out more about Next Gen’s branding and coaching programs, please visit their website here.

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