It seems like not long ago the use of cannabis was deeply stigmatized, and in some places, a criminal offense punishable by jail. The use of cannabis now is mainstream, with everyone and their grandmother consuming it in one form or another. 38 states have presently legalized the medicinal use of cannabis, it is legal for recreational use in 19 states and legalization on the federal level is very likely around the corner. The industry is projected to reach $197 billion in sales by 2028, representing a 32% annual growth from 2021. This brings cannabis to the forefront of the fastest growing industries in the world.  

As the industry grows, so do the preferences of its consumers. That’s where Zootiez comes in. They’re a boutique cannabis brand for the consumer with Epicurean tastes. Quality, flavor and potency are key factors of the needs of the luxury cannabis market, and Zootiez is designed to ensure all three.  

As any seasoned sommelier knows their wine in and out, the Zootiez Connoisseurs-men (the name given to the experts responsible for the top-tier quality of the brand) have immersive experience in the space, and meticulously studied each and every detail of  the cannabis plant and its power over the past 30 years. They hold a gourmet standard when it comes to cultivating the rarest, strongest and most exciting combinations and flavors of cannabis. Their understanding of growing, selecting, crossbreeding and cultivating different strains and blends of the plant is the only way to create products that leave a lasting impression.  

The brand was born in Humboldt California, where the conditions for growing cannabis are internationally acclaimed, and inspired by the gourmet cannabis culture, they set out to make the absolute finest quality products under their name. They believe in creating, formulating and developing cannabis is the perfect intersection between art and science.  

The minds behind Zootiez understand the old school weed culture, and understand the modern, luxury feel their clients want. Cannabis culture is available to everyone and they understand the different demographics that exist within the industry. Their ability to cultivate rare combinations and flavors of cannabis has positioned them at the top of the luxury cannabis market. They represent a brand of premium quality, production, and creativity, making the cannabis experience truly sensual, decadent and deeply enjoyable.  

As the cannabis industry continues to expand and multiply, the Zootiez team continues to grow alongside it. Premium growers will meet the desires of premium clientele, and Zootiez is devoted to maintaining their presence as a luxury brand that meets sophisticated demands. We look forward to witnessing them advance and become increasingly available to consumers as the nationwide acceptance level of cannabis increases. Zootiez is a truly unique, innovative and exotic approach to curating and offering cannabis products that help people feel better, sleep better and ultimately lead more positive, stress-free lives.  

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