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Underground icon Van Hechter all set to release a new EP- and it’s ALL about Miami!

He is the least underground of underground stars I’ve met. And by that I mean he is relatable… His music, his personality– are both just easy to love… He’s not hermetic like a lot of snobbish artists- he loves people… So much so that he’ll talk to anyone on the street and really connect with them in just seconds, or he’ll stay after a show to dance with club kids instead of isolating in his dressing room— I’ve seen this… He’s just a fun guy.

His last album ”Love Elastic” charted in the USA between 2020 and 2021… Now he is getting ready to seduce us again (and possibly harder) with an explosive new dance single entitled ”Love In Miami”! We caught up with him a few days ago- to know more about the project…

Miami Post: Nice to speak to you again! So tell us about your next single– to be pre-released on June 10th, right??

Van Hechter: Yes– pre-released June 10th, then officially released about 12-14 days later… Well, it’s a Villagomez track. Him and I have been friends for years. I’ve always found him very talented as a musician. He’s an exceptional DJ too, but as he grows up he is also turning out to be one hell of a producer! We were both stuck in Montreal, confined for a 3rd time and we felt the time was perfect for an association… The result is; an outburst of joy! I think we were so starved for life and fun; it all came out in our work.

MP: What about the single ”Love In Miami”? How did it come about?

VH: Well, Sam (Villagomez) came sent me this crazy house track- I immediately fell in love with the groove. It was EXACTLY what I was in the mood for. In the gloom of a 3rd lockdown, what with NYE canceled in Montreal and the dark cold days– I needed to fleet morosity. So him and I escaped in music and created what I think are the most joyous songs I’ve ever recorded! One of which is ”Love In Miami”…

MP: What is the song about?

VH: Personal experience- as always… What else could I ever write about? I just used a very tragic love affair and turned into a comedy. ”Love me in Miami by the time we get to Cali you’ll have changed your mind about me, but still love me ’till I can’t see!” All true- and I was crushed- now I find the whole thing hilarious. Also I don’t regret a second because I showed up for this love- I was really there. I can’t control the outcome. And the outcome was such a disastrous farce… Real life is often more theatrical than is fiction…

MP: And the video- you shot in Florida- Miami and Fort Lauderdale, right?

VH: Yes. And Sam was there with me… So we decided to add a layer to the ”tale”… In the video- he tries to warn me against this new love but I won’t listen. We thought that was hilarious; the younger guy telling the older guy he’s making a huge mistake- while the older is most foolish. We filmed on a boat with a small team— photographer Gio Spano being at the head of it… I clicked with him instantly. He surrounds himself only with generous, kind people too so the whole shoot was delightful. It’s magical and rare, to meet someone and immediately get along with them…

MP: What else have you got planned for 2022?

VH: Well later in the summer I am releasing another EP– this time with my longtime music partner Eryck Wyseman- a mini album of duets, recorded with Stonewall Inn resident DJ Chauncey Dandridge… That should be fun too! But I’ll tell you about that next time we chat!!! Haha!

MP: I guess now we’re forced to have you back, aren’t we?

VH: It’s really up to you, dear! But I think you should have me back! I mean; when have we not had a good time together??

MP: You are— fun and fascinating I can’t deny it! So— last question- just for the heck of it: are you in love?

VH: Oh Christ! Did you HAVE to ask this question?

MP: Yes- I was sure you’d react this way…

VH: Fine, smarty smart! I am not in love. But recently I was shown how much I still believed in it- and actually really aspired to it. That’s huge. And although I’ll never mention this person’s name I shall be forever grateful for the wake-up call.

MP: You’re an enigma, aren’t you?

VH: And yet I reveal so much…

While we all await impatiently for the new songs, here are a few Van links we think you may like to follow…

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