As the legal and social environments surrounding the cannabis industry continue to change, there is an accompanying increase in the number of consumers and brands who join the market. In fact, the industry is expected to reach $197.74 billion by 2028 with a compound annual growth rate of 32.04% from 2021 to 2028. As the recreational use for cannabis is more widely accepted, people will start to look for the best brands and companies to purchase from, paying attention to everything from quality to price points.  

More so, the further acceptance of cannabis comes with a greater share of knowledge and resources surrounding it. People are able to further explore the benefits of it recreationally and discover how they work best with it. One aspect of cannabis that consumers may pay attention to, along with quality and price, is the options and versatility a company may have in terms of cannabis types and strains. One company that has formed a specialization in the offering of exotic cannabis crossbreeds is Zootiez. 

What differentiates Zootiez from other cannabis companies is their presence within the realm and their ability to cultivate rare combinations and flavors. The Zootiez Connoisseurs-men have accumulated over 30 years of experience in the field, learning each and every detail about the cannabis plant. With the brand’s beginnings in Humboldt California, they have access to the best resources and growing conditions to make their products of the finest quality. This also means that those behind Zootiez are very well accustomed to cannabis culture and its intricacies. 

Their strategy revolves around producing in small batches, creating and highly potent products. In turn, the brand promotes an image of luxury, backed by its team of highly informed and knowledgeable legacy growers. Over the course of their experience, they have gathered a consumer base and network of A-list celebrities, in which they adapt their products to fulfill acquired tastes and unique requests. In doing so, the Breeder and the Brand Ambassador work together to formulate new strains that can entail different experiences and effects. 

To Zootiez, the creation and formulation of cannabis have become an art form and science at the same time. They pride themselves on the possibilities cannabis can bring about. There is great attention guided towards each step of the growing process, making sure to bring the best aspects out of the plant. During this process, a great deal of creativity is required for innovation and adaptability, not only problem-solving throughout the way, but also coming up with valuable solutions. 

As the industry continues to expand over the past two years of its existence, Zootiez has taken up its own niche within the cannabis realm. They represent a brand of premium quality, production, and creativity, making the most out of the cannabis experience. More so, as the brand creates more traction within the market, they hope to attract a greater audience who can appreciate unique and special flavors that expand the cannabis experience. Looking forward to the brand’s future, Zootiez is ready to not only continue growing its products and also its reach. 

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