As remote work becomes increasingly popular, companies are facing new cybersecurity risks. The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the shift to remote work, creating a new level of comfort for employees, but also increasing vulnerabilities for companies.

Recent cybersecurity research indicates that remote work has significantly increased the risk of cyber attacks and vulnerabilities for companies. Network and data security are essential to protect confidential information and ensure business continuity. Unfortunately, remote work has opened new opportunities for cybercriminals to infiltrate company networks.

To understand the importance of cybersecurity and how companies can protect themselves against security risks, we consulted with RO Systems International. A Florida-based cybersecurity company with over 15 years of experience, RO Systems International is a seal of quality and excellence in the application of advanced technologies, including cybersecurity and data protection services, new technologies, and blockchain. The founder of RO Systems International, Ramon Ortiz, is also a certified ethical hacker and expert in the field of information security. According to Ortiz, “Remote work has exposed companies to never-before-seen cybersecurity risks, and it is crucial for companies to take steps to protect themselves against these risks.”

RO Systems International offers a variety of security solutions for companies, including vulnerability assessments, security audits, risk assessments, and customized security plans. These solutions are crucial, as recent cybersecurity surveys and studies highlight the urgent need for companies to take additional security measures to protect their networks and data. For instance, NortonLifeLock reported that 68% of companies have experienced an increase in cyber attacks during the pandemic. Furthermore, 80% of companies surveyed reported that remote work has increased their risk of cyber attacks. These statistics are concerning, as a data breach can have a devastating impact on a company. A study by the National Research Center for Risks and Vulnerabilities at the University of Plymouth found that 60% of companies that suffer a data breach are unable to recover and eventually go bankrupt.

It is essential for companies to recognize the importance of cybersecurity and take proactive steps to protect themselves against security risks. RO Systems International is an ideal partner to help companies protect their network and confidential data against cybersecurity risks and avoid the severe financial risks associated with a data breach. If your company is interested in protecting itself against cybersecurity risks, do not hesitate to contact RO Systems International to request a vulnerability analysis. With years of experience and a commitment to excellence, RO Systems International is here to help your company navigate the complex world of cybersecurity.”

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