Small businesses often struggle to compete with their established rivals and stay afloat for at least five years. Financial constraints, inadequate capital, difficulty securing grants, and poor management are often the culprits for their failure before their first anniversary. 

However, Jenny Pierre has pioneered new and creative methods to change the trend by guiding startups in finding and maintaining a stable footing in business. These methods have unequivocally boosted their annual earnings from thousands to millions by using a more pragmatic approach and implementing profitable business models that have yielded results that allow organizations to thrive for years. 

Born in Haiti, Ms. Pierre gained her passion for business in her teenage years while running her family’s business. This passion inspired her to further her studies in diplomacy and business through the attainment of her MBA, which led to her establishing a successful business consulting brand in the United States. 

“I started assisting my mother with her business structure, P&L, and advertising at the age of 15,” says Ms. Pierre, recounting her early involvement in the business activities. 

With her great passion for business and a limitless mindset, Ms. Pierre traveled through many countries across Europe and Asia and became a polyglot before finally coming to the States. Through her experiences traveling, she learned to speak five languages: English, French, Spanish, Chinese, and Creole.

What began as a passion had culminated into a fully-fledged consultancy. Ms. Pierre had found herself helping many European startups and entrepreneurs in sourcing products from factories and suppliers in Asia. At the same time, she had also worked as a sales manager for a separate company, helping them find buyers for their products in Europe and America. 

With her commitment to excellence, she furthered her education in Taiwan. She earned a master’s degree in business administration (MBA), unlocking a new vista of knowledge that helped her perfect what she loved doing most: business. 

Later, she migrated to the United States, becoming a senior manager of a small local company. She worked with the company’s team to grow its earnings from a meager $250,000 per year to over $1.4 million per year single-handedly. 

This impressive business performance fueled Ms. Pierre’s desire to help other businesses navigate the storm of financial difficulty on their way to producing significant income gains. As a result, Ms. Pierre created LvLupMyBiz to reflect her principal goal of helping businesses flourish. 

With over ten years of experience in helping businesses owned by women, veterans, and people from diverse backgrounds win government contracts of all kinds, Ms. Pierre has dedicated her time to assisting companies through the challenging processes of securing government deals and ensuring they are appropriately certified and prepared for such endeavors. 

“My journey began with a West Palm Beach, Florida client base. Over time, we expanded to many other cities in Florida, primarily in Miami and Fort Lauderdale. Today, I am proud that our clients hail from all over the United States and beyond. This growth underscores our value to businesses and our dedication to success.” says Pierre. 

At LvLupMyBiz, Ms. Pierre partners with David Fleisch, a disabled veteran, to educate approximately 150 business owners each month, including veterans, about Government Contracting and certifications. LvLupMyBiz has also been instrumental in starting approximately 250 new businesses within a year and assisting with over 350 Professional Diversity certifications. 

“We don’t just provide services; we become partners in our client’s success. We aim to ensure that small business owners, especially women and minority-owned businesses, gain access to greater opportunities. We’ve helped hundreds of businesses secure contracts, funding, and sponsorships, securing millions of dollars in capital.”

Ms. Pierre and her team have worked together for the past two years, helping small businesses thrive in the United States. They strongly focus on supporting women and individuals from diverse backgrounds due to their unique challenges, including limited finances and opportunities.

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