As they say, a talented person, talented in everything!

Undoubtedly social media is all the way and beyond opportunities and giving people not only a good time passing meanwhile surfing online but also offering people career possibilities! If you are that wannabe blogger with dreams in a piggy bank then this article is for you!

Meet young and talented Masha Kunynets @missmashafromrussia.

From early childhood, she appeared to be a creative girl with great ambitions and bold dreams.  Masha was always captivated by music, stage, creativity, deep down she always dreamed of performing in public, posing for fashion magazines, touring, giving interviews and sharing with people that bright part of the tandem of beauty and talent that she developed in herself since childhood. Miss Masha is a great example of how you can make your childhood dreams come true.

Miss Kunynets starts her journey when she moves to Milan to study journalism. Later she got scouted by a model agency and drops the university to persuade a modelling career. Throughout the years Masha has travelled almost all over the world and has lived in the top cities like Singapore, Tokyo, Hong Kong, London, Paris and Milan. She has found inspiration through travelling, immersing in different cultures and connecting with people, time, and emotions. In the last past years, she started to be fascinated into deep house music and soon met a lot of people with same music taste, mindset and lifestyle.

She collected enough knowledge, experience and networking to finally try herself as a dj.

“In the beginning I started mixing just for fun and wasn’t planing anything serious, I have a lot of friends who are professional djs and they suggested me to record my own set, then I posted it on my Instagram story, which gave me even bigger visibility and opportunity to share my music and vibe with wider diapason of audience” excitedly says Masha.

Deep house music brings a whole different mindset and a lifestyle to people’s life. “I found my own community which grows every day with new interesting people and meeting them broadens my mind even more. Not everyone understands such a musical direction as Deep House, but those who likes this style often hang out in places where this music is gathering people, and expect it to be at the top level,” Masha shares her observations.

 Passionate dj girl is not limiting to focus only in one style of music, she sees it more broadly – as a kind of lifestyle, a certain trend of a successful young generation that prefers to relax “with taste”: high-quality music, beautiful and interesting people, worthy places.

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