Technology has provided many advancements in society. Throughout history, society has developed on and around its foundation. It continues to evolve, providing a structure for humanity to either flourish or destruct. Since the invention of the internet, technology has advanced at an exponential rate; its progress is marked by new inventions that energize the industry. With these advancements, many entrepreneurs are finding success in the financial market. Though, some are leading the market in new directions. In the entrepreneur community, the process of business growth requires two steps: identifying problems and leveraging technology, in order to solve those problems. Entrepreneurs are using innovative technology to do so.


Technology is rushing to the center of the market. Facilitating important and ground-breaking inventions, it powers cryptocurrencies and NFTs.

NFTs – or Non-Fungible Tokens – are digital assets that leverage blockchain technology, Authenticating ownership and sales history on a transparent digital ledger. NFTs are here to stay as the total NFT market size in 2021 reached an impressive $25 billion and experts predict the market to grow to an even more impressive $80 billion by 2025. The global cryptocurrency market is thriving and expected to reap extensive profits. Valued at $1.49 billion in 2020, the market expects to reach $4.94 billion in 2030. “This space is moving faster than anything I’ve ever seen in my life,” says Mark Mastrandrea – millennial entrepreneur and founder of IKONICK – on crypto art. Similarly, as blockchain evolves, so does the demand for visionary crypto entrepreneurs.

At the forefront is Travis Bott: an experienced entrepreneur leading in the blockchain revolution. With a rich history in the world of Web3, Bott is known for his work in cryptocurrencies, decentralized financial software, and building effective NFT projects from scratch. Utilizing his collected experience and leadership, Bott is concentrated on helping both aspiring and established NFT entrepreneurs. His focus is to educate, provide resources, as well as prevent the potential threats and risks that come with NFT investment.

Exploring NFTs, Bott is disrupting established and powerful industries with his success. Two of his ventures in the NFT space include the Meta Bounty Hunters and Meta Labs Agency.

The project sold out in only thirty days, making an immediate impact.

Technologically innovative and exceedingly creative, the Meta Bounty Hunters is a collection of 8,888 galactic avatars on a mission to protect the NFT universe. In addition to their artistic avatar and creative origin sorry, the Meta Bounty Hunters project is resonating with NFT enthusiasts with their original and innovative utilities. Meta Bounty Hunters token holders are entitled to direct reflection weekly pay-outs drawn from bounty staking pools. It’s also exponentially rewarding with their affiliate reflection utility; token holders earn money by referring new members to the community. Bott coincided his launch of MBH with its partnering “Do Good Fund,” ensuring the project will leave a positive mark on the planet, whilst rewarding members for investing.

Additionally, as a founder of Meta Labs Agency, the world’s first vertically integrated NFT agency providing support from design to mint, Bott is helping aspiring and existing NFT entrepreneurs find creative and technical help. Collaborating with world-class designers to create unique avatars, alongside industry-leading developers, Bott’s team deploys disruptive utilities on over 10 different blockchains. No team is better technologically equipped to facilitate an exciting and innovative NFT project. Bott’s trusted methodology marks him as a pioneer in the NFT community, as well as the financial world at large.

His long-term expertise and commitment to innovative NFT technology prove Bott as a model for successful entrepreneurship

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