If you are asking yourself, “Why me? Why did this happen? Why do all the misfortunes pile on me? Why can’t I find a worthy partner and live in-love?” Then it might be time to look into resources to relieve your worries. Launching into a self-healing journey might be the path you are ready to start. It is not easy, though, to seek out help and begin therapy. It can be especially daunting for those who are traumatized.

For the last few years, Anna Parkman has devoted her time to researching various methods and practices of self-help and healing. Balancing between her studies, she has dedicated herself to learning multiple elements of psychology as well as attending training sessions and conferences to further educate herself. Some of her studies include books on quantum psychology, psychosomatics, cognitive psychology, scheme therapy, body therapy, and knowledge about human energy and energy parasites.

Parkman believes that everything happens for a reason and that it can guide us toward something bigger in life. The negative effects of growing up with divorced parents in an unstable household guided her to heal the internal wounds from her past. Regardless of her own experience with trauma, Parkman always knew that she wanted to go into psychology. It was a long road to get where she is today, which is why she wanted to write a book – something that she wished she had growing up.

“Apocalyptin” was written to help comfort people who have experienced trauma and are looking for a new way to change their lives. “I want to transfer my knowledge and transfer the method of getting out of suffering associated with the traumatic actions of other people in relation to a person and to be able to forgive everyone who caused evil and suffering,” Parkman says.

Based on real stories of psychological traumas and documentations of her own life, many of the tales she elaborates on in “Apocalyptin” are Parkman’s methods for overcoming trauma. She wants to encourage her clients and readers to develop stronger relationships with people and stop the ongoing cycle of reverting to troubling situations and toxic behaviors.

The world is constantly changing, and many people are more stressed out than ever. With the challenges and repercussions of COVID-19, the economy, and the rise of social media platforms in relation to mental health issues, creates new therapeutic approaches. Parkman sees this as an opportunity.

Despite the challenges ahead, she remains optimistic, saying, “Great progress is almost always associated with stress. So, all the world got a big shake. Having lost the opportunities we take for granted, we began to appreciate life more, having received back traveling, restaurants, and consents.”

One of the new ways Parkman continues her private practices is through Zoom meetings and online sessions. Over the course of the pandemic, it has been very beneficial to her clients that are working from home while creating a more comfortable and flexible environment.

As a psychologist, Parkman wants to guide others through life. With trauma, many tend to walk through life resenting others and seeking revenge. She wants to be of service in healing the anger and hurt readers might feel in their hearts. When it comes to the meaning of her book, it is a guide “for your health, well-being and the opportunity to manifest the life of your dreams.”

The point is to take the first step of recognizing our faults even if it might be a struggle at first. Parkman continues to strive to be a better psychologist and stronger individual. Through her book and teacherings, Parkman wants others to gain more clarity, saying, “I have described all the complexities of this process and in detail all the stages of resistance by describing the breakdown process in the mind and body. This all again will give the reader the opportunity to feel not alone in the fact that he is experiencing these resistances and emotions.”

Parkman’s book, “Apocalyptin,” is set to be released in April.

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