The institutions of charity and business are often seen as distinct in western society. Typically, the former is viewed as selfless, while the latter is selfish and forms part of the individual’s interests. But when acting honorably, both have the same effect: to benefit deserving people. Moreover, a business can engage in charitable acts, or vice versa, which can enrich its primary function. When these two societal cornerstones are treated as fluid and open, the benefits for wider civilization can be limitless.

@MuscleNation is one with a tendency to put people and charity at the heart of its operation. Founded by best friends Chris Anastasi and Nathaniel Anthony in 2016, the duo has maintained that sense of community and responsibility, and their business has grown. Today, Muscle Nation is the leading activewear, supplement, and health food brand in Australia and hasn’t forgotten its humble beginnings and the people that enable its prosperity.

At the time of writing, their most recent campaign supports Australians for Mental Health. Anyone with any insight into Muscle Nation will know that community is a fundamental element of their ethos. By adding a donate option at their checkout, the company and their customers have raised $17,000 for the charity since September. Not a modest amount by a longshot, but its significance grows when viewed in light of their vast array of charitable contributions.

Anastasi and Anthony’s mental health philanthropy is no anomaly in their portfolio. In response to the Australian bushfire crisis of 2020, the pair launched their own appeal, raising $61,000 for various organizations, including the New South Wales Rural Fire Service.

Naturally, they also launched a limited run of 900 t-shirts for Australia Day, with all proceeds donated directly to their appeal. It’s a fine example of the effortless synergy between business and charity when leaders are willing.

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