Miami is full of opportunities with many entrepreneurs chasing their dreams of success. Often forgotten are the “blue-collar” millionaires who earned their success through providing the services of hard labor.

There are many different blue-collar industries that any strong business-minded individual can breakthrough into the top 1% of earners in the United States. For Thomas Coury, he found his opportunity in the Miami home cleaning industry.

As a general rule, for any entrepreneur to make any business successful you need tenacity! Nothing will ever be handed to you and you will always run into obstacles, but to be a successful entrepreneur you will need to know how to learn from your mistakes, adapt your workflow and never accept failure as an option or endpoint. This strong business mindset is what Thomas was raised on as he follows the footsteps of his father Ron Coury who is a, now retired, highly successful entrepreneur in many business ventures and author of the book, you guessed it, “Tenacity”.

Following a tenacious outlook into the business world will require years of sacrifice, effort, and dedication to achieve the proposed objectives and goals. You need a leadership quality and high motivation to achieve your desires. And when motivation runs out that’s when discipline takes over.

Thomas Coury is an excellent example of a tenacious entrepreneur, with the characteristics that make him stand out above the rest of his competitors. Here’s more about his ventures and the 305 Klean trajectory.

Thomas Coury, CEO & Founder of 305 Klean

As a well-known, admired, and respected marketing guru, He is making a big name for himself in the city of Miami.

Thomas, a marketing and business professional, is the owner of 305 Klean LLC., which provides cleaners for recurring residential cleaning, vacation rental turnovers as well as move out/in cleanings in the greater Miami area.

A businessman from Las Vegas, born and raised, from a very young age Thomas developed a passion for hard work and reaping the returns. This has been constant throughout his life. Breaking out of his 9-5 lifestyle, Thomas moved to the city of Miami, from where he founded his company 305 Klean.

Thomas’s welcoming personality, together with the excellent attention to detail offers only the best for his cleaners and clients, No corners are cut on 305 Klean jobs and all his registered workers follow his 305 klean standard of service which guarantees satisfaction on every job. With the ease of his booking platform and quality service provided, this has quickly earned him an excellent reputation in the Dade county area.

This reputation earned thanks to his personality and magnificent service has led him to become a reference in the search for a new standard of Miami cleaning companies, bringing the industry into a more modern light away from less reliable and slow-moving cleaning companies.

What does Thomas offer at 305 Klean?

At you can easily book recurring residential cleaning for either weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly services. The ease of his booking software and top-tier service provided takes the stress away from cleaning yourself or putting your trust in an unreliable service that doesn’t show or doesn’t do a sufficient job. The bright Miami Vice colors within his branding give a feeling of authenticity to the area and bring it back home to the local community of Miami and away from larger corporate-run cleaning sites.

To alleviate the worry of whom these cleaners are entering your home, 305 Klean makes each worker go through a 4 step vetting process. This includes an initial phone interview to confirm experience, an in-person interview to gauge each worker’s timeliness and dive deeper into their capabilities of providing top tier service, a full criminal background check, and lastly his 305 Klean Orientation to ensure each cleaner is ready to perform under the 305 Klean Standard of Service and represent the brand.

For Vacation Rental Turnovers, Thomas works directly with Airbnb, VRBO, HomeAway, and other vacation rental hosts to set up their calendars to sync with the 305 Klean booking software. This allows 305 Klean to always be aware of guest checkouts and have a cleaner scheduled to show up on that day to turnover the property squeaky clean for the next guest arrival. 305 Klean provides a “Damage and Supply” report to the rental host on each job so that they can take any measures needed to report damages from prior guests and restock the home with any items needed.

As for Move Out/In cleanings, 305 Klean provides all the services within their residential cleaning service also including a deep cleaning inside and outside of all appliances, cabinets, closets as well as behind forgotten areas to ensure the property is ready for the new tenant. 

Top-quality service and great customer service has a proven track record of success. That is all you will receive when you book with 305 Klean.

In summary, Thomas is a great example of how a great attitude and providing consistent quality work can make any entrepreneur and their business shine over the others. Mr.Coury is a true example of a Miami business owner chasing his dreams and making sure his hard work makes his dreams become reality by never accepting failure.

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