In my management Neurlogice whent bizar even i had a black.down a Black dispuute as

VL- Champion ‘87 60 MH : “ WR° Vrienddearley compitision DIsipline Flopping in how high can i JUmping HIgh. My record was 2.70H

Remebert some body in my Family wanted a film so there i started my GOurney.

Did Play’s in Flemisch Opera now call’s it Flemisch Ballet Opera.

Bet it was not the FIlm i looked for .Then i got The commerciazl news SHort FIlms.

Yeah i maked proffit.Then when i goth older it came to me the proffite i make for some els.

Came as order.I wen’t to studie MIneur ART MUsic Anad LYrics at this Acadermice i Chousd’edt

Wherre the after word invoted me in this INternational COntest My first song i writed was a Christmas they saw more in to me where i becaime World Champion INternationale COmpitision “ Gerne. “ : Cabaret. BY UNiverrsity underbuidl as Akademia IN AFrika where u can full time study as long distance studying.I HOpe u like the portred i drwend in axceley its alsow in INkt a bit drawend as in Fysica ALgebra Two element the extance by Massa.

Enjoiy,and to next time;

Sweet,sweet CHipkes by T.V.

S;F r,

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