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The Revolutionary Power Of Spencer Lodge’s Sales Approach

In the world of business, sales has a tendency to be treated with some neglect. Many entrepreneurs often believe great products sell themselves and that trained sales teams constitute a wasted business expense.

But the view is considered to be flawed by many. The potential advantages that can be grasped by training up a bespoke sales force have been wrongly lost on some of the world’s entrepreneurs. @spencer.lodge is the CEO of Make It Happen. He has made a career of spreading knowledge and insight in the area.

Spencer Lodge’s time in business has a range that goes beyond sales. As well as laying stepping stones to a bigger turnover for businesses, the entrepreneur co-founded The Blue Sky Thinking Group, which holds three prosperous subsidiaries in industries including corporate health and HR administration.

The multifaceted nature of Spencer’s experience enables him to approach the sales hurdles faced by any business with value-adding potential. Throughout his time as an entrepreneur, he has helped hundreds of companies, including Aldar, Bayut, Azizi, and thousands more individuals to increase sales.

Spencer’s portfolio has a range of opportunities beyond traditional training, too. Accessible online at, the Make It Happen University is educating the next generation of salespeople. Through the university platform, Spencer’s knowledge is accessible to students in over 400 engaging, charismatic and informative pieces of video content.

‘Informed’ is often taken to mean formal education, but here that is not the case. Spencer considers himself a ‘working-class kid’ and found his fondness for business during his time working in a factory in his younger days. A deep passion brought Spencer off the factory line and into a career in sales. The transition would go on to become a watershed moment in the training of many similarly-minded individuals.

The latest venture in Spencer’s career is a docuseries named ‘The Chain’, in which he aims to expose modern slavery and the human trafficking industry. People worldwide await Spencer’s contribution to aspects of life far beyond sales.

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