Most people would be skeptical about a Bosnian-born, American-raised, non-Spanish speaking music writer and producer finding success working with Latin American artists. But after they meet Bajro Ponjevic (pronounced BYE-row) and hear his work, that skepticism immediately fades.

And while at first glance Bajro’s services might seem typical of what most production companies offer, what sets Bajro apart is the type of artists he works with and his method in working with them.

Bajro currently resides in Los Angeles, California, from where he has experimented with different musical genres, including hip hop, house, trap and R&B.

Despite not being his native language and not being fully bilingual, Bajro works primarily with artists who speak Spanish, although he has worked with interpreters in English in the past. And even though Bajro doesn’t speak Spanish and isn’t a singer, these facts haven’t held him back in finding success.

“I don’t sing. But I have a vision for the song, and I put together a team to help me,” Bajro explained. “I sit down and work with someone to make the rhythm the way I want. I then work with a team to translate my songs from English to Spanish. After that, I find an artist with the voice that captures how I want the song to sound.”

Bajro, a different and fresh style!

Bajro’s unique approach to music production has been a success thus far, and he’s looking to scale up his notoriety after a string of catchy songs skyrocketing up the streaming charts.

His latest effort, “Doncella,” brought together Kael and One Sebastian to bring his inspirational melodies to life. “Doncella” is gaining success on streaming platforms, and Bajro hopes the song’s success will help bring in other exciting collaborations as it continues to get noticed. Other successful songs by Bajro include “LA Playboy” and “Bendiciones,” among others.

On the heels of his streaming success, Bajro plans to go on a world tour as soon as COVID travel restrictions loosen. One of his first stops will be Spain, where he’s hoping to connect with fans and Spanish-speaking artists as he showcases his work with other Spanish-speaking artists.

“As I look to the future of where Bajro Entertainment is heading, my goal is to revolutionize the reggaeton genre with various musical influences and a new and fresh style that the masses will love,” said Bajro.

To learn more about Bajro, visit

Bajro communication office

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