CHILLICOTHE— Chillicothe Chamber of Commerce recently released their March report showing the business permits requested for the area. From an expansion at Kenworth to a new coffee shop, Chillicothe has lots of new things headed its way.

The Kenworth test facility will be adding a test track to their Chillicothe campus. This track will allow Kenworth to test new trucks regardless of the outdoor weather condition and also free up space in their current facility. Kenworth will also be working on expanding employee parking.

“Ross County is fortunate that PACCAR continues to invest in the future of their Kenworth Chillicothe plant,” stated Tammy Eallonardo, Director of Economic Development, “We will continue to support their growth in every way possible.”

Brick Haven Spa on West Main St. will be constructing a new, larger, building. The new building will feature a salon, a room for nails, therapy rooms and a coffee shop. Currently the spa is split up into two smaller buildings. Owner Stephanie Truitt said the new building will allow them to combine all services under one roof making it easier for bother workers and customers.

“It just seemed like there wasn’t anywhere in town you could get everything done,” said Truitt of why she started the spa years ago. “You had to go to Columbus for that.”

Not only will the expansion allow Brick Haven Spa to be under one roof, it will also allow them to expand their services. Bringing in more massage therapists, waxing technicians and hair stylists will allow them to serve more customers. It will allow Brick Haven Spa to full-service luxury to those in the area.

The former PNC Bank branch located on Western Ave in Chillicothe will be renovated to become a Dunkin’ Donuts restaurant. This will be the only Dunkin’ Donuts location in Chillicothe.

East Main Street will see the construction of a new Taco Bell restaurant. This will be the third Taco Bell in Chillicothe with the other two being located on Western Ave. and North Bridge St.

Amarissa Woods, Teas & Spices will become more accessible by installing a handicap ramp. They sell specialty gourmet dips, meat rubs, loose tea and soup all made with non-irradiated organic herbs and spices. They also donate 10% of their revenue to local churches and organizations.

Bridge Street will welcome a Carter’s clothing store at the Guernsey Crossing shopping mall.
Shelby Reeves is a reporter for the Chillicothe Gazette. You can email her at 


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