Miami is widely known as one of America’s most entertaining cities and top tourist destinations. While Miami has always been synonymous with great weather, pristine beaches, incredible food, exciting nightlife, and beautiful people, the city has seen a dramatic increase in new residents over the past two years. Of course, the Miami real estate market  reflects this influx of new people as 2021 saw the highest single-family home prices and median sales prices in the history of South Florida. The rental market followed suit as rental prices increased by 38%.

During this time, a handful of talented entrepreneurs and resourceful companies have used this increased attention on the city as an opportunity to grow their businesses and brands. Miami’s economy is flourishing as entrepreneurs in the city skillfully respond to market trends and authentically provide value to the end consumer.

Luxuri, founded by Jonathan Campau, is an industry-leading luxury real estate brokerage, property management company, and vacation rental concierge service, disrupting multiple markets with its vertically integrated approach and emphasis on customer service. Luxuri provides value to real estate investors throughout the entire lifecycle of their investment; similarly, Luxuri provides comprehensive booking and concierge services for those looking for a luxury vacation experience. Starting in Miami, Luxuri is known for its gorgeous homes, attention to detail, and wide variety of services.

Campau has been destined to curate 5-star hospitality experiences since he was a child. The Luxuri founder discovered his love for real estate as a university student in South Florida however he has nurtured a love of hospitality throughout his life. At a young age, Campau traveled with his grandmother and stayed in lavish hotel suites every summer. Those vacations were pivotal as they were the inspiration behind the hospitality brand, Luxuri

However, despite a desire to go to Switzerland for hospitality school when he came of age, Campau ultimately decided to go to business school in South Florida. During his first summer in Florida, Campau decided to pursue a real estate internship. As destiny would have it, a man named Larry Shinbaum offered Campau a job after a cold call. Unfortunately, when Campau graduated college, the real estate industry was in the midst of the 2008 housing crisis. This led Campau to take a job at an investment firm in Kansas City instead of further pursuing real estate. In addition to learning about business analytics and investment best practices, Campau met his future wife at this firm. Exhibiting his entrepreneurial drive and real estate sense, Campau established a property management company in Kansas City and began renting property to college kids in the area while working at the investment firm. Campau quickly understood that his real estate business had legs and called his mentor Larry Shinbaum for advice. This sparked Campau to move his operation to Miami and begin a process of ‘rental arbitrage,’ renting houses and sub renting them on Airbnb. By renting so many properties this way, Camapu quickly learned the ins and outs of Miami real estate as well as what tourists were looking for in a vacation rental. 

During the start of COVID-19, and Miami’s real estate renaissance, Campau would partner with his mentor, Larry Shinbaum to build out Luxuri’s real estate brokerage division, in addition to its existing property management and vacation rental business. Campau did not build this growing business by running away from anything; Campau runs towards the big money moves with intentionality and boldness 

Going from inception to a robust business in just two short years, Luxuri’s real estate division has solidified itself as one of Miami’s top luxury real estate brokerages. Luxuri has an experienced team of agents helping individuals find incredible multi-million dollar properties at competitive prices. As Campau has been in the real estate business and a Miami resident on and off for around 20 years, his authentic passion for Miami facilitates his vision for the city’s top luxury properties. Campau and the Luxuri team love the city and are committed to helping it grow. 

In addition to working on some of the most exciting real estate deals in Miami, Campau can grow his business as well as improve the portfolio of real estate investors with Luxuri’s property management, vacation rental, and concierge services. Brilliantly, after helping his clients find a top Miami property with their brokerage services, Campau and the Luxuri team use their network and expertise to turn the property into a profit-driving vacation destination. Simply put, no other real estate brokerage, but Luxuri can turn a newly purchased real estate asset into a profit-generating machine.

Of course, as Luxuri’s real estate brokerage grows, so too does Luxuri’s property management and vacation rental property roster. Campau prides Luxuri’s vacation rentals and concierge service as well as the personal touch given to each property. Due to the reach of Luxuri’s real estate brokerage in Miami, guests have access to a vast amount of desirable properties boasting exquisite amenities and tasteful design. As a veteran in the industry who prepared for this job all his life, Campau has a true eye for the little things that others may overlook. Separating Luxuri from the pack, Campau’s attention to detail brings out each property’s unique elegance while still making the space a truly comfortable retreat. Campau’s design vision and passion for customer service are palpable in all Luxuri properties. 

Campau also prides Luxuri’s team on its ability to facilitate unique and memorable vacation experiences. With the help of Portfolio Manager Or Dori, Campau and the Luxuri team are not only able to provide tourists with gorgeous mansions for their vacation getaway, but they also use their deep Miami roots to facilitate any experience their clients want. From private chefs to reservations at Michelin-star restaurants and tickets to exclusive nightlife events to access to luxury yachts & cars to unique tours & activities, Luxuri’s concierge service can honor any request. Due to the quality of Luxuri’s properties and concierge offerings, the Miami-based company attracts plenty of musicians, athletes, celebrities, and prominent business people. Luxuri’s authentic connection to the city and its community enables tourists to have a more comprehensive and entertaining experience compared to if they used soft ware-centric competitors. 

Luxuri is known in the industry for its closed circuit, vertically integrated system  where real estate investors can use Luxuri’s services to find a luxury property, purchase it, stage and furnish it, set it up as a high-quality vacation rental, and manage the experience of the guests to increase the value of their portfolio. As if this wasn’t self-sustaining enough, Campau is often able to entice vacation guests to use Luxuri’s other services, thereby growing the company’s reach. As the savvy entrepreneur that he is, Campau understands that the same individuals who are spending tens of thousands of dollars on a vacation weekend are very likely able to afford $5 to $10 million homes and probably interested in real estate investing. 

With a unique business structure, a capable & caring team, and a growing market tailwind, Luxuri is catching the attention of a handful of Wall Street firms excited by the company’s unparalleled ability to both facilitate real estate transactions and manage properties in a way that increases portfolio value. Drawing on their momentum, the Luxuri team is currently opening up shop in Aspen and Beverly Hills. Please visit Luxuri’s website and Instagram for more details. 

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